Newest Pinay Kid Superstar

Maria Aragon. The name of the 10-year old girl who’s now becoming more and more popular since Lady Gaga tweeted about her. According to Lady Gaga’s tweet last February 17th, she couldn’t stop crying watching Maria’s video. That was the reason why she makes  music. “She is the future,” she added.

Since then, Maria’s cover of Gaga’s Born This Way took off and Filipinos began rejoicing and talking about her. She has been invited in a radio show called HOT 103. She was interviewed, she sang live, and even talked to Lady Gaga herself! On the show, Gaga admitted that she was having some troubles when a friend of hers sent her Maria’s video, and that triggered her tears to flow.

Just now, I found out that Maria Aragon has been invited to the Ellen Show!

Wow! Charice, Rin on the Rox, and Maria Aragon – all Filipina singers on YouTube who have made it on the show.

It’s really a great feeling that Filipinos are making their way to fame and stardom because of their talents. This is a really good way to show other races what we Filipinos have. (I’m not a racist so don’t get me wrong.) It’s just that a lot of other people look down on us. To be honest, even our kababayans look down on other Filipinos (sad truth!)

A lot of people say, “I’M PROUD TO BE A FILIPINO!” Oh, really now?! How about the Manila hostage crisis? The terrorists in the country? The good-for-nothing government officials? Do they make you proud? When they hear good things, they’re proud of being Filipinos, but when they hear bad news, they despise being one. So much for patriotism. Bullshit.

I think it’s better to just say, “I’m proud she’s a Filipina like me.” Or “I’m proud other Filipinos are making their way to getting known all over the world.” You know what I mean?

Way to go Kababayans!

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