Rix Mukap: Simple Makeup for Working Women

I wanted to create a look using only some of my Avon products. I’ve had my fold-up palette for quite some time, but I haven’t used much of it yet, most especially the lip colors.

Filipino women  prefer matte finish because, in a climate like ours, we want to look fresh. So oil control and matte powders are really popular. Sometimes, though, glossy/dewy/luminous finish creates a beautiful youthful look, but it can be mistaken for being oily and haggard.

Today, I made a makeup look that can be used by working women. Simple. Light. Minimal. Subtle. But radiant.

with flash:


with my iPhone’s front camera:


As I’ve already mentioned above, I decided to use mostly Avon products. So for this look, I used the following:

  • Avon Anew CC Cream
  • Avon Ideal Oil Control Plus dual powder foundation, in Oriental
  • Avon Color Fold-Up Palette, for my brows, eyes, cheeks, and lips
  • Avon Super Extend Extreme eye liner, for the top lid
  • Avon Glimmersticks eye liner, for the lower lid
  • Avon Simply Pretty concealer stick

The only 2 products that I used that are not from Avon:

  • Elf Golden Bronzer, because it’s one of my must-haves. I love it.
  • 15-color contour palette

What I used on my brows…

What I used all over my lids…

What I used on my brow bones and lower lids…

What I used on my crease and outer V…

What I used as transition…

For my cheeks…
And on my lips is the combination of these…
I matched this makeup look with a messy bun and a black blazer worn over my shirt.

What do you think?




Luto ni Rix: Pork Hamonado

When you Google Pork Hamonado, you’ll find various recipes and each one just looks mouth-watering. One thing’s for sure though, they’re all sweet!

This recipe is the same one that my mom cooks for us. However, she wasn’t here so I needed help from Google. I found this site: http://icookonboard.com/2014/11/07/pork-hamonado/

However, I didn’t have Kikoman sauce so I just used different soy sauce, Datu Puti, to be specific. I marinated my pork in garlic, onion, pineapple juice, and soy sauce. 

After about half an hour, I heated oil in a pan, then stir fried my marinade in high heat for a few minutes. After that, I let it simmer in low heat for 30 minutes, mixing it from time to time. I seasoned it with fish sauce or patis and a dash of salt. I added the pineapple chunks and simmered it for another 15 minutes.

And here’s tonight’s dinner:  

 It was my first time to prepare it and boy was I glad it was a success! Even Guil, Mik, and the kids loved it! Yay!


Rix Mukap: My Mom Had a Makeover!

My mom used to wear makeup when I was little.  She even became an Avon lady herself! As she got older, she stopped using it. She just puts very little lipstick when she goes out.

And today, I finally got her into wearing makeup again! “Just for fun”, she said, ‘cuz she noticed we’ve been playing with our “toys” these past few days.

I tried the purple smokey eyes on her and this was the result:

The products I used are:

  • Avon Anew 360° White CC Cream
  • Avon Simply Pretty Mini Loose Powder in Soft Bisque
  • Loreal Color Riche
  • Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad in Purple Haze
  • blush from Avon Fold-Up Palette
  • Avon Ultra Color Lipstick in Hot Pink
  • contour palette
  • Elf Golden Bronze

Sabi niya, “Bukas ulit!” Then she laughed. Luv u, Nanay!


Rix Mukap: Luau Makeup Look

A friend of mine has asked me to do a Luau makeup look for her on their company’s Christmas party. I don’t want to go to a battle unprepared, so as early as today, I started practicing with Mafe. :D

Here’s my version of Luau makeup look:


The products I used are:

  • Change Charm BB Cream
  • Avon Simply Pretty Mini Loose Powder
  • Elf Two-Way Cake Foundation
  • Avon Super Extend Extreme eye liner
  • Avon Glimmersticks eye liner
  • Avon Color Fold-Up Palette (blue)
  • fuchsia and gold eye shadows (unbranded)
  • Elf Golden Bronze
  • 15-color contour palette
  • Krave Minerale organic lipstick in Lychees

I skipped the mascara, kasi… wala lang. hehe! Kapag na lang yung actual na.


Rix Mukap: Mafe’s Sun-Kissed Look

I really want to get accustomed to putting make up on another person’s face. So from time to time, I practice with my sissies, my friends, and my niece. I sometimes wish I could be involved in a friend’s or relative’s important event by being her MUA. Haha!

Today, I tried Sun-Kissed makeup look on my friend, Mafe.

Here she is without makeup and doing the Pabebe wave:

pepay wave

Here she is with her makeover, Sun-kissed Look:

The products I used are:

  • Change Charm BB Cream
  • Avon Simple Pretty Mini Loose Powder
  • 15-Color Contour Palette
  • Elf Golden Bronze
  • Avon Color Fold-Up Palette
  • gold eye shadow (unbranded)
  • Avon Style Essentials lash curler
  • Avon AeroVolume mascara
  • orange lipstick (unbranded)

Still working on so many things, but I can tell I did improve! Yay!


Rix Mukap: Trying Out My Contour Palette

So, I’ve bought this affordable 15-color contour palette from a friend; and it is identical with the ones sold on E-bay. It’s not as pricey as the branded ones, which is OK for me, since I’m only learning how to contour. It’s my first ever contour palette.


It took me a week before I tried it out, since I’m still treating my skin with my Naguia Essentials Rejuvenating Face Set. Now it’s much clearer, and I thought perhaps it wouldn’t be bad to wear make up for only a few minutes.

Contouring and highlighting creates changes in your features. It sculpts your face and makes certain parts of it pop and stand out.

I created a look that can be used in any occasion, but definitely not your everyday makeup look.

So, I used my:

  • Espoir BB Cushion, in the shade of Petal
  • Avon Simply Pretty Mini Loose Powder in Soft Bisque.
  • Loreal Color Riche quad.
  • Avon Color Fold-Up Palette
  • Avon Super Extend Extreme eye liner in black
  • Avon Glimmersticks eye liner, also in black
  • Avon Style Essentials lash curler
  • Avon AeroVolume mascara
  • 15-color contour palette (unbranded)
  • Avon Simply Pretty Shiny and Sheer in Champagne
  • Avon Ultra Glazewear lip gloss in pink watermelon
  • Elf Golden Bronzer

Most of my make up products are from Avon. Thanks to the Avon lady who regularly visits us every week. Hehe!


I still need to work on it, but, hmmh… Not bad for a first-timer, I guess. And there’s my younger sister, nainggit, naglaro din. Hehe!



Lola Rikadora: Lola Tinidora Makeup Transformation

Our family loves AlDub and has been following it since the day Maine Mendoza was introduced in Juan for All, All for Juan segment in Eat Bulaga. We loved Wally Bayola’s character Doktora de Explorer, so when they said that someone was going to replace her, we really looked forward to it. Despite not having Problem Solving anymore, KalyeSerye has captured the hearts of many Filipinos, and slowly, the hearts of many foreigners as well.

Last October 24th, they had their biggest event so far – AlDub: Ang Tamang Panahon. Because we loved Lola Tinidora, this was how my niece and I supported them:


I don’t have a wig so I just downloaded a hair app on App Store.

Haha! Wala kayong pake!