LBC TXT Remittance Card

Today, I had to remit money to a friend so I decided the “easier” way. I went to LBC and purchased the LBC TXT Remittance Card worth P1,000 and paid P1,050. The LBC staff gracefully taught me how to do it and told me the instructions were on the back of the card.

When I got home, I immediately tried to activate the card to get the control number. I carefully followed the instructions, typed the keywords, the remittance card number and the pin code. I checked everything  before clicking “Send”.

Then I got this message from 2910:

I tried a few more times, but I got the same response. So I called LBC office to ask for assistance, and the lady, whom I bought the card from, activated the card for me.

I just couldn’t understand why I wasn’t able to activate it myself when I made sure everything was perfectly encoded.

Instead of making things quicker, it slowed me down and stressed me out a bit.

I hope next time it won’t happen again.


When the Going Gets Tough

Do you know the feeling when something bad turns up when you are already in a really, really tight situation? It feels like salt in a fresh, open wound.

I have NO idea what is going on with my life now. I have a had a really tough life. I have had some good times and a lot of bad ones. I’ve struggled to stay on the right track. There have always been rocks, thorns, and obstacles that block my way.

What I also don’t understand is, why… Why does everything have to pile up? Why can’t other problems wait until I solve another one? Can God just let me move on first? Or, these happen because I will finally experience blessings as much as I experience hardships? I hope.

I don’t get it. I really don’t get it. I just hope that all of this crap will turn into gems – SOON. ‘Coz I really don’t know anymore how much longer I can hold on.


“We All Are Maze Runners”

After watching the film “The Maze Runner”, I thought, if I were one of the chosen ones, would I be like Thomas who was brave enough to enter the maze and hope to find what was out there? Would I be like Minho who was courageous enough to go through the maze every day and was clever enough to remember the paths and to map them out? Or would I just be Gally who would rather stay in the camp forever than see what was beyond the maze? Each member has faced challenges, including remembering their own names. Each of them has survived, not until the time when they have to face a bigger challenge.

Like them, everyone in the real world has struggles – struggles in school, at work, at home, dealing with people, achieving their goals, living up to other people’s expectations, and so many others it may not fit this page. We all face hardships, who doesn’t? Even the happiest person you know can be consumed with grief.

Most of the time, we focus on the problems more than we do on the solutions. We also tend to jump to conclusions and always think that things will never turn out the way we wish them to be. We feel like running in a maze without knowing which paths to go. We think that the one we are running on leads to the exit; but in the end, it is just another dead end. We find peaceful paths, only to find out that that’s where our own grievers lurk. Then we go back to a fork, and try another path. Each time we try, we begin to worry. Each wrong path we take, we start to weary. Until finally, we see a familiar track, and we realize we’re just going in circles. That’s the time we feel like giving up.

When we were younger, we wanted to find the perfect crowd. We tried to “belong”. As we grew older, we tried to find ourselves. We even asked the same question: “Am I happy?” Happiness is the decisive point of everything, I guess. We all aim for happiness. In our pursuit of happiness, we become disappointed here and there. We give something a shot and expect for a positive result. We fail. Then we try again. We hope for a better outcome. Again, we fail. At this point, we rest and think. We ask, “Why? What have I done wrong?” We are on the verge of giving up, but we find renewed strength to go on. So we start over and give it another shot. Que sera sera. If it happens, it will happen. What’s important is that we’ve tried. We’ve survived. We’ve remained standing. Impregnable.

Everybody hurts. Everybody struggles. No matter the hardship is, we just have to keep fighting. We need to stay strong. It’s not the difficulties, nor the outcome that matters, it is how we live on and outlast all the tribulations we face. Yes, it’s easier said than done, but don’t you think it’s better to do something than just to say something? ★



She is the most complicated and the most unpredictable person I’ve ever known. Despite her difficult attitude, I still love her. She’s my mom after all. Not all parents are perfect, but not all the imperfect ones are bad. Sometimes, they’re just kind of in between – sometimes you just adore them, but sometimes you even doubt if you’re really their offsprings.

I remember I always wanted to be with my mom when I slept. I felt alone when she was gone. I still feel the same way, anyway. I still feel different when she’s not home. I’m scared when she gets sick. It scares me when she vomits everytime her migraine strikes. I worry when she’s away, most especially when she leaves her cellphone behind.

Eversince, we’ve argued so many times. That’s because I always stand up for what I believe. The bad thing is. she does, too. Worse, she never budges. She never listens to what I say. Maybe she does, but well, that’s just hopeless thinking, because she REALLY doesn’t.

The thing is, I can’t always have a row with her. I’m just her daughter. She brought me into this world. She gave me life. She took care of me and worked for me and my brother when my father was sick. I love her. I DO love her. It’s just that, we’ve got some attitudes that don’t seem to go along well. Our personalities crash.

Despite all the differences, I know she loves me. I hope she knows I love her. Even though I am not the perfect daughter she has wanted.


Just Watched: The Fault in Our Stars


I’ve just watched The Fault in Our Stars and I feel like I’m suspended in mid-air just a few inches above the ground. I’d like to think that Hazel Grace did survive and that she lived longer; but I think that it may not be possible.

(SPOILER ALERT! If you have not read it or watched, please don’t read beyond this point.)

Immediately after learning about Augustus’ letter to Peter Van Houten, Hazel Grace looks for it and reads it. It somehow shows that she rereads it several times more.

At the end of the letter, it says, “I like my choices. I hope she likes hers.”
In the film, Hazel Grace is wearing a white dress. She lies down on the grass and crosses her arms and rests them on her chest. As she does that, she says, “I do Augustus. I do.”

I hate to even think about it, but I suppose she has made a choice and is ready to let go. It scares me to even imagine that she removes her cannula and dies alone on the grass.

John Green is, I guess, Peter Van Houten – the author of the book Imperial Affliction. He did not give an ending to the story. He let the readers decide and assume how it ended. He said in an interview, “I ended The Fault in Our Stars where I wanted to end it. I have never said anything about what might happen before or after what’s depicted in the book. I finished writing it, for better or for worse, and it now belongs to you.”

I have not read the book yet and I will surely do as soon as I finish the novel I’m still reading now.

This is one of those films that will make you just feel… Confused… Clueless… I can’t even tell if I’m really sad or what. It’s the same feeling I had after reading and watching The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Tell me what you think.




I’m So Hooked into Loom Bands!

I heard about loom bands for the first time from one of my students. It was not very popular here in my country then. Now that we can find loom bands everywhere, it was easy for me to get myself a set. There was never a day I would not create something. At first, I watched tutorials on YouTube and carefully followed their instructions.
Some of my first creations are:



Now I can create my own loom band charms!





I’m really hooked into it now!


Go Organic!

When I was little, my tita would put make up on me so my Tatay often teased me by saying “Ngek Ap”. That’s how I said it daw before. :D

I was so fascinated with Nanay’s make up and every time she went to the market, I rummaged through her things and snuck around applying her make up on my face. After a few minutes of admiring my made up face, I washed it off but my Nanay still knew that I used her make up kasi there was eyeliner residue on my waterline.

During my teenage years, I somehow changed my preferences in “fashion” [if that’s what I can call it haha]. I became keen on shirts, my Kuya’s shorts, sneakers, caps and just my tied up hair. I thought make up was too girly and I was just satisfied with a little powder on my face. It went on until I reached 20.

I only started using lipstick when I worked. Also, there was this Avon lady who would regularly visit our house to offer their products. I often said “no” to her despite my mom’s persistence to make me buy undies. [My mom would often remind me how worn out my bra was; and it would be embarrassing if an accident happened and people would say how pitiful I was not being able to buy myself a nice one.]

So finally I bought myself a nice brownish shade of lippies from the Avon lady and it lasted for ages! And I mean ages. I didn’t buy until I was convinced it was all used up and I really needed a new one. A colleague gave me nice blusher and I found it nice to have a soft flush on my cheeks. However, it didn’t seem to be good on my skin ‘coz it caused my pimple to breakout. I tried different products but all of them had the same effect.

Then I came across Michelle Phan’s video on YouTube and I became even more interested in make up. It’s amazing to see how make up can change how you look! It can even hide some blemishes that you wish you do not have.

I started buying more lippies from our very consistent Avon lady; and now I have countless shades from nude to red! I also bought make up brushes, eye shadow palette, more and more lippies!

A friend gave me a L’Oreal Smokey Eyes quad eye shadow and a set of gorgeous make up brushes from Sasa, and they are my favorites!

Sophie lippies are really affordable and are super nice to wear because they’re creamy and blendable. They just kinda build up after some time [or perhaps it’s just my chappy lips.]

Now, I’m KRAZY over something, and I feel confident to use them. They’re organic and up to 95% less chemicals! These make up products have caught on in such a short period of time because they can really satisfy make up enthusiasts.

And I’m talking about KRAVE MINERALE COSMECEUTICALS. I’ve known it for so long and now I am officially a distributor! Yay!

I’ve only started selling and some beautiful ladies have already purchased some – and they loved ’em!

Here are some of the amazing products Krave offers:

anti-zit arch precision fuittie poreless jap cheek kontoured lip n cheek1 misty pritz make up spray moisture visagee oil elim outrage satin sheer satin sheerr satin sheerrr triplex unltra concealer upgrade foundation veggie lash

To get your own, simply:

  • Go to The Flying Baboy page, Like it and get to know more info.
  • Text/Viber me at 09497046433.
  • Click the Order Form. Make sure you’re 100% sure!

Go on and try it! Go organic!